Be the One Percent (1%) | Be Authentic

The provocative title of Greg McKeown‘s January article in the Harvard Business Review is 99% of Networking Is a Waste of Time. What he is encouraging the reader to consider is to become the 1% of the population who knows what it takes to invest in and grow the value of their network. What I like about it is that his principles of networking are applicable and will strengthen your personal as well as professional growth. And you know that a keystone for getting meaningful work is to build relationships with people in your network to transform a mere contact into a connection.


I recently pointed you to another teaser-titled article and if you read the two together you will see that their career successes and counsel share pretty much the same core principle — know who you are and don’t be afraid to focus on the quality of your relationships, not how many friends or 1st connections you have mustered. If you are ready to be your real self, you’re going to be great at networking.

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