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Time to DE-code, perhaps?

Nowadays, the most in-demand coding skill in the world is not the one that empowers you to build a startup that boosts national GDP, it’s the ability to perform advanced analysis on data that creates rich meaning from raw numbers.

Our educational system may be overweight in producing top coders. That’s been the emphasis in recent years in the curricula at universities worldwide. There is no doubt, nor argument from us, about the importance of developing this skill. But…

The lurch from employer-centric computing education to one driven by programming means the middle ground of tech skills – between basic computer proficiency and advanced code creation – has thinned out.

The two quoted call-outs, above, are pulled from this short article published by  VentureBeat. The author suggests a danger of a widening gap in the talent landscape shaped by the ‘code or die’ oath that dominates our collective mindset. The talented pool of programmers, today and upcoming, are servicing our insatiable appetite for finding and capturing data. The question the writer poses is, ‘Do we know what all of this data means?’. A good question!

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