About This Blog and 225AM

Hey there. Welcome to the 225AM blog and forum. We’ll be posting links to articles from around the web as well as some commentary of our own, and yours, to ignite some healthy and open discussions about getting the job you want. And let’s not overlook the fact that 225AM will likely become the most important network in your career life so why not start now? Seriously, this is for you. We believe that it is important that you have a trusted, safe place to gather and share experiences, ask questions, vent, seek guidance, and just know that others, just like you, are going through the same thing.

Getting a meaningful job means you are behaving and thinking professionally. That’s all well and good and necessary, but sometimes you just need a break — to laugh or blow off steam, and who better to do it with than other people traveling the same rocky road. To put it simply: getting that first meaningful paycheck is a huge weight on your responsible shoulders. Why not stop by here to take a bit of that load off?

To get started, we have a handful of discussion topics that we think are interesting to lead with but because this is really all about you we want your entries to dominate our list of topics.  Like, what’s the one part of the job search process that really gives you the willies, or what interview questions make your blood boil or toes curl? Let us know in the comments, and again, welcome!