Keeping Perspective in Your Life

In the CloudHere is the link to James Altucher’s List of ’10 Things More Valuable Than Money’.

Be the One Percent (1%) | Be Authentic

The provocative title of Greg McKeown‘s January article in the Harvard Business Review is 99% of Networking Is a Waste of Time. What he is encouraging the reader to consider is to become the 1% of the population who knows what it takes to invest in and grow the value of their network. What I like about it is that his principles of networking are applicable and will strengthen your personal as well as professional growth. And you know that a keystone for getting meaningful work is to build relationships with people in your network to transform a mere contact into a connection.


I recently pointed you to another teaser-titled article and if you read the two together you will see that their career successes and counsel share pretty much the same core principle — know who you are and don’t be afraid to focus on the quality of your relationships, not how many friends or 1st connections you have mustered. If you are ready to be your real self, you’re going to be great at networking.

This is Not Your Sibling’s XLS Spreadsheet

The 225AM team is very excited to give you a ‘sneak peak’ at what you, our users, have been telling us you desperately need. We were listening and have queued up the 225AM Job Tracker in our development pipeline!


Just head to your 225AM dashboard and you will see that we added a Job Tracker/Management tab. Clicking on the Management Tool tab here will walk you through the function and flow demo of what we have planned and this is where we want your comments, criticisms and suggestions.

We need your voice and participation in this effort so that we create something that is of true value to you. We want to hear our user’s voice. We are still listening.feedback_tabs

Tell us if you don’t like our labels or if we are missing a critical feature or function or just about anything you can think of that would be important not just to you but to the 225AM user community of job seekers. Use our feedback system on the right side of your screen to keep us in tune with your ideas.





Talk to us. We want to hear what you have to say!

How to Upload Your PDF and Image Files to 225AM Document Library


NOTICE: There will be a new version of this video available shortly. However, this version will show you how to upload documents and images to your 225AM Document Library and create tags to easily organize and sort your Library contents.

Always ‘Save As’ Your Word Doc as PDF_v.iOS

Save_as_iOS_PDFWhen you attach PDF files of your cover letter, resume, or bio in an email, you’re protecting yourself from unauthorized tampering of your information when it reaches its destination. Watch here how quickly that can be done.

Always ‘Save As’ PDF

shareWhen you attach PDF files of your cover letter, resume, or bio in an email, you’re protecting yourself from unauthorized tampering of your information when it reaches its destination. That’s why we strongly recommend that you always ‘save as’ PDF before you upload your files to the Document Library for sharing and management.

See how fast and easy it is in the newest video on our ‘How To’ channel. This one shows how to get it done if you are using Word in Windows. There is one coming up soon for Mac. Get to know all the features and functionality as we keep adding to this channel every week.

TIP: Invalid Email Address Error Message


When you cut and paste email addresses from one location to another (e.g. LinkedIn Contact Info or from another file) you occasionally might receive an ‘invalid’ error message. The primary reason for this is because extra spaces or hidden machine characters are inserted in front or tacked onto the back of the text string. If you find this to be the case the solution is deleting the extra spaces around your text and it should solve the problem.