As a user of you help shape the development of new features and functionality. It gives you access to tools months before they are available to the general public, and an opportunity to possibly influence the development of this application by having direct access to the creators during the creation process. This opportunity, however, requires some awareness and obligations on the part of the user.

  • Please remember that this web-based application is under development. The application is stable, but there is the possibility that not all features or functionality will perform without some flaw or unpredictability and that it may even crash. We doubt this strongly but we want to state this mutual understanding of reality and expectations as well as our need for feedback of your user experience, feature evaluations as well as your valuable input of ideas and suggestions.
  • While there will be no real-time telephone customer support at this time we do have support channels in place that provides 24/7 best efforts monitoring of site performance and, more importantly, a feedback system of any issues you may encounter affecting usability or bug reports from nearly every page of the website. Support and communication will take place via email to and through Twitter @support225_AM.
  • Finally, by your enrollment, registration and use of this site you are agreeing to release 225AM.COM, Inc., (and its suppliers), from any and every liability as a result of your use of the this site’s features and functionality including and in addition to any and all loss of data.


These Terms and Conditions are effective as of the date of your first use of this site. You will have access to the features and functionality of once you have registered or enrolled as a user of the site. This site contains draft tool tips and other documentation media, and you are encouraged to make suggestions about both and the documentation.

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